Using Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games

What is this game and what’s it aimed at? There are 2 characters in the game, 1st character is worm, 2nd character is giant. A worm emerges from a random hole on the game map.

Interview with AI

The main purpose of this project is; Interviews conducted by companies are aimed to be conducted by an artificial intelligence. After giving the question and answer to the artificial intelligence and asking the question to the candidate in the interview, it is aimed to evaluate and score the answer given by the candidate by artificial intelligence and determine whether it is suitable for the needs of the company.

Cv Parser via Neural Network and Natural Language Processing

Parser project converting users' Cv files into a single format using NLP and 2-layer NN, regardless of a specific format (.doc, .docx, .pdf etc.). Techniques I used in the project: 2 Layer NN, PCA, Regression, Segmentation and Classification, Word2Vec, Bag of Words